Along the Way

Years ago I remember seeing a sign along a busy stretch of highway that was under construction. The sign read “Caution Men At Work”.

The Holy Spirit quickly impressed me with the thought, that most denominations and churches ought to post is warning outside as

people enter in. The elevation of a man centered gospel with it’s  motivational and “feel good” messages have left many people

living defeated lives, wondering if there really is a God who cares.

Perhaps the worse danger is that the Lord is only partially seen, while men seem to discourage a personal walk with

Jesus Christ. Men maintain the spotlight and hinder spiritual growth in those who sit under their ministries and

teaching. Often times they create a dependency on themselves, rather then a Biblical faith and dependency on Christ.


Whether intention or not, the born again believer is never truly discipled into a living, breathing relationship


with Christ Jesus.

Isaiah 6:1 “In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord….”

Clearly from Scripture, we see that Uzziah was one of Israel’s greatest kings, bringing a much needed revival

to a nation often times plaque by apostasy and false worship.

Isaiah must have greatly referred this man as one of the few righteous kings Israel was blessed to have,

However in the year he died, Isaiah declared “I saw the Lord”.  Isaiah, one of Israel’s greatest Prophets

had already been used mightily of the Lord, but in chapter 6, his ministry changed dramatically when Uzziah died

When Isaiah saw the Lord he declared “Woes me, for I have seen the Lord, but am a man of unclean lips

and I dwell among a people of unclean lips”. Hidden behind an elevated king (a mere man) was the true

God, of whom Isaiah was really seeking.

God often times will remove people in our lives who obscure our true vision of God. To the diligent

Seeker, God always reveals himself to the heart who will settle for nothing less than intimate

fellowship with their Savior.

I pray that all who read this short message will seek the Lord and ask Him if there might be any man,

ministry or denomination that may be hindering you from a clear vision of the Lord. He is not a

respecter of man and will answer all who call on Him out of a pure heart. 

May the Lord show Himself mighty on your behalf as you seek Him with all your heart.

Thank you for reading this message. The Lord bless you abundantly.

In his Love & Mercy       Bro Chuck Brownell











Along the Way

As I stated yesterday, Discipleship in the Church has become the “lost call” of leadership  in the

Church.  So many today are fixed on quantity rather than the quality of the believer in their

churches or assemblies, and thus has produced a generation of believers focused on worldly

pursuits and goals. Rather than pursuing Jesus Christ and His  plans and desire for their lives,

people are led into a man centered religion that bears no resemblance of our Lord’s command to

“deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me”

“Along the Way”, I pray, will be for you a path to draw closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and

fulfill His Calling & Plan for your life.

I am convinced and persuaded that there are many in Churches today across this land and

worldwide who truly desire a closer walk with Him, but don’t know where to start. May this

study find you hungry for the Lord and fill your spirit with the Word of God, as His Word

declares “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth

of God”

Join me in this deeper discipleship study and allow the Lord Jesus to transform your mind and

soul so you will be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and not just a churchgoer or a pew potato.

Next time we’ll look at one of the most common failures in the church that inhibits grow in

the believer’s life, men.

Until then be blessed and seek His face while it still may be found. God Bless!!!!!

In His Grace & Mercy

brother Chuck

Along the Way

Years ago as I ministered in Kitale, Kenya, the Lord Jesus impressed me with a section of Scripture

out of the Gospel of John Chapter 6 verse 12. “Gather up the Fragments that Remain so that nothing

is lost” The command which was given to His disciples that day is the same command to us, His disciples

today. May we not fail Him!!!

Discipleship seems to be the lost call to the Church, as so many of our Churches are filled with

“church goers” that scarcely witness or even declare the Lord’s work in their lives. MegaChurches

proclaiming a feel good message, while the multitudes starve from the Word of God rarely spoken of.

Discipleship is the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20 “therefore go and make disciples of all

nations”. Disciples stand in the face of adversity while mere church goers often times cave and fail

as lifes challenges buffet their frail faith.

“Along the Way” is a study on Discipleship that I have witnessed as I have journeyed myself along

the way. Failures to disciple, according to the Biblical pattern, have left a multitude with ruined and

“shipwrecked” lives. Disasters that could have been avoided if only The Word of God had been

taught, rather than the traditions of man.

In the weeks ahead I will begin a foundation for true Discipleship Training and help get you on

your journey “along the way”. May the Lord Jesus himself bless and keep you in His grace as

He directs your life into a much deeper walk with Him


In His Hands

Bro Chuck




revival on the african continent

Good morning !!!  Not to long ago I had a Word for Me that I would go to a city which was filled with “Great Darkness” to which

A Great Light would come to restore, revive and rebuild. That great light has a name Jesus Christ, King of Kings & Lord of Lords !!!!

I Believe that a great move of God is about to fall upon the African Continent, the likes of which we have never seen before.

If you share this vision please let me know and please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would be glorified in Africa as this

awesome puring out of God’s Love changes hearts and lives on a Continent where only heartache and missery seem to dwell

Please be encoureaged by the Words Jesus spoke to my heart “Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing be lost”John 6:12

Thankyou & God Bless !

In His love & mercy